October 1, 2015

The Community National School model – a type of Primary School that meets the needs of the Milltown Community.

The Milltown School Initiative (MSI) has recommended the Community National School (CNS) model to the department as the most appropriate for the children and community of Milltown.  Below we have responded to a number of common questions on the topic, about the CNS model and about why it is most appropriate in this case as there is no existing facility.


What is the CNS model?

In a nutshell, the CNS model is a model focusing on community, promoting a holistic approach to education.  It develops all aspects of the child; intellectually, physically, culturally, morally and spiritually.  High standards are the goal in teaching and learning in a CNS.  For more information on this model visit their website at www.cns.ie


Is CNS non-denomination?

Yes, the CNS is considered non-denomination, however it is different to other non-denomination models in that respect for plurality of faiths and non-faiths is seen as integral to the daily routine in a CNS.  The child is not expected to leave their beliefs or non-beliefs at the school gate, but instead is allowed to celebrate their own beliefs whilst learning to respect the beliefs of classmates.


Who is the patron of the CNS Model?

The Education and Training Board (ETB) (formerly known as the VEC) is patronage designate.  Community National Schools receive the support of the local ETB’s experience and expertise in Education.  The MSI has met with the ETB and they have offered their enthusiastic support and patronage for a school for Milltown under the CNS model.  For more information on the local ETB visit their website at cityofdublin.etb.ie


What is the CNS enrolment Policy?

The CNS has a defined catchment area and the enrolment policy uses the child’s address as the sole admission criteria.  In addition, the CNS enrols children only one year before starting school, thereby facilitating families moving into the area.


Why is this model the recommended model for Milltown?

The decision to recommend the CNS model came from a detailed survey of families in the Milltown area.  The main relevant findings of that survey to the decision were as follows:

  • When asked about preferred denomination for the school, 51% responded that they wanted multi-denomination, 27% responded that they did want a specific denomination, while the remainder said they did not care. As the CNS model respects all faiths it is the most appropriate model to suit a community with no existing facility.


  • With no school in Milltown, and no school in the surrounding area giving preference to the community of Milltown, parents of children in Milltown are applying to on average 6 – 13 schools in surrounding areas in the hope of being offered anything. As the sole enrolment policy for the CNS model is catchment area, it is the most appropriate model to suit the Milltown community.

Following on from the survey, at a subsequent public meeting, the MSI suggested the CNS model to the community as the best model to cater for the needs of the children and community of Milltown.  The overwhelming majority of those present voted in favour of campaigning for a CNS primary school for Milltown.

If you do have any further questions or queries on the topic, please do get in touch via our Contact page.


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