August 6, 2015

Door to door petition has been signed by 100s of households in Milltown

A huge amount of households have signed the petition to the Minister for Education and Skills.

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To: The Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan, TD

We the undersigned are aware of the campaign by the Milltown School Initiative to secure a new National School for Milltown.

We support this campaign and hereby petition the Minister for Education and Skills to grant a new National School for Milltown.

We are continuing with our door to door petition. We have canvassed a significant amount of the area and already 100s of households have signed, so thank you for your support. The reaction has been so very positive. Of all the streets and parks completed, everyone is signing and getting behind the campaign!

Once we have completed the area, we plan to submit to the petition the Minister for Education and Skills in the immediate weeks.


It is a large area to cover, if we have not yet come to your door please let us know and we can come to you.

Also if you are not currently in the area and are impacted, or indeed are on holidays, we have a downloadable version of the petition here.  Perhaps you would like to sign the petition with you and some of your neighbours.  Simply download the attached petition, sign it and send it back to the email address included.

Download The Milltown School Petition

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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